Monday, June 29, 2015

Some New Faces

I thought today that I would introduce to you some new people that have recently starting working here at New Hope.
Shelva Hess has been with us since March of this year. She is a licensed social worker who worked for 20 years with the Lancaster County Children and Youth Agency. Shelva fills the void that was left by previous counselor Shannon Shertzer. Shannon saw quite a few women who were from the Plain sect and we were looking for someone who would work respectfully with the Plain women who come to us with their counseling needs. We are delighted with the acquisition of Shelva and are excited to have her on board. She is also available to counsel non-Plain individuals and we are sure that everyone who seeks her counsel will find her friendly and understanding and easy to talk to. Above all, she has a deep faith in God and her desire is to help her clients improve their relationships with God and with their families.
Our Community Closet Thrift Store has two new faces. Our new manager is Mary Brusstar. Mary had served on the Board of New Hope for several years and when the job opportunity arose at the Closet she expressed interest in it. Mary had previously worked in the corporate world and she is very excited to use her skills to serve others and show God's love to all those she meets. She brings creativity and enthusiasm to her position and we are so grateful to put the management of the store in her capable hands.
Jennifer Milligan is the new Assistant Manager at the Community Closet. Jennifer's husband is the pastor of one of our supporting churches, Little Britain Presbyterian. Jennifer has worked as a classroom teacher, a writing and Hebrew tutor, and in various retail positions. She is excited to use her organization, creativity, and love of people in her role at the Community Closet. We are so thankful for her and her excitement for her new job.
We know that nothing remains the same forever. And while we were sad to see some of the people who had been with us for many years leave for other employment opportunities, we recognize that this is life and that God has his hand in everything that happens. We are grateful for his perfect timing and so happy to have these three new people join our ministry.

Mary Lehman

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