Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little Things

     All of us go through times where we feel completely overwhelmed and discouraged.  Things just aren't going right. It may be relationships, finances, busyness, or any number of things that creep into your life that you feel you just can't handle.  Sometimes it feels like when one thing goes wrong then everything goes wrong.
     I have noticed that when I feel down, it is often the little things that can pick me up.  Last week was a good example of this.  I was feeling overwhelmed with things that needed done and people who needed my attention.  My aging father was complaining of chest pains, finances were tight, my housework was not getting done and the lawn needed mowed.  On top of all this the lawn mower was broken so the hope of getting it mowed in the near future was slim. 
     I decided to start with one small thing.  I swept my kitchen floor.  It made me feel SOO much better. From there I cleaned the bathroom and my mood brightened considerably.  I walked outside and  peeping out from the unkept flower beds were bright red tulips.  Suddenly I felt like weeding a little bit.  I pulled away the weeds and soon more flowers appeared.  Amazingly, my world didn't seem so bad any more.
     I think sometimes we believe something big has to happen to improve our situation and outlook on life. However, I am amazed how something small--like a flower, or a kind word--can make a huge difference in the way we perceive things.  Look for something small today that you can do or say to cheer you or a friend. After all, if God takes care of the lilies of the field and the sparrows, (Matt. 6:28) He will surely take care of you and I. ~ Mary
P.S. I am happy to say that the lawn mower is now fixed and my lawn is mowed!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The pitcher wound up and threw another pitch.  Her shoulders slumped as the batter jumped on it and slammed it over the center fielder's head. I was watching my daughter's softball game and it had been a rough inning.  The other team suddenly seemed to be able to hit everything our pitcher threw at them. Our team and fans grew silent as we watched yet another run cross the plate. The coach called time.  He and the entire infield gathered at the pitcher's mound.  He talked to them for a little and then everyone resumed their positions. 
Suddenly, out of the stillness the catcher yelled, "You got this Katelyn! You are doing great!" The other infielders came to life and started pumping their gloves and yelling encouragement to the pitcher.  All of a sudden the outfielders picked up on it and called in words of encouragement from their positions. Katelyn wound up and whizzed a strike across the plate.  The fans cheered and Katelyn's teammates continued to tell her how great she was doing. Katelyn's shoulders straightened and she threw another strike.  On the next pitch, the batter hit a weak ground ball to first base.  After a few more pitches, we were suddenly out of the inning and the team came running off the field, patting Katelyn on the back and telling her what a good job she was doing.
I thought about this as I drove home from the game.  No, we did not win but the way the team came together and encouraged not only Katelyn but each other was heartwarming.  If only life could be that way.  How many times have we not bothered to give those words of encouragement that could have made someone's day. Do you remember when someone encouraged you and it made you hold your head higher?  Everyone needs encouragement and there is way too little of it being handed out.  I think sometimes we are just too busy and don't feel like taking time to write a note or an email of encouragment to someone who could really use it.  I am making a commitment to try to do or say something each day that will be an encouragement to someone.  How about you? ~ Mary